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  • Survey on the arts and the art-therapy applied in education in each partner country, with information on current situation, their application and specific elements regarding methodologies, learners, efficacy already experimented, etc.

  • Partners' evaluation of the chosen methods and identification of those methods that seem more interesting respect to the aim and the kind of disadvantaged adults of each participating institution.

  • Creation of a common questionnaire to submit to the learners before entering the training and after the learning experience.

  • Organization of learners’ groups to be involved in the project.

  • Training of the trainers.

  • Discussion about the methods taken into account as more interesting and functional. Elaboration of a common model, transferable in different contexts and emerged from the experiences resulting from the partners.

  • Elaboration of a handbook containing the training model based on the arts and the art-therapy in education.

  • Dissemination activities.

  • Development of the local and regional network.

  • Definition of plans about further actions to sustain and develop the project idea after the conclusion of the project, including transferability to other contexts, future projects, update of the website, exchange of learners and of trainers.

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