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Aidlearn Lda. is a service's private organisation, recently created by 5 experienced professionals' women, that operates at national level. Its mission states the aims for contributing to a better qualification of Portuguese human resources by building up a learning organisation concerned with the equality of opportunities and social inclusion, providing quality and innovative services targeted to actual needs of organisations and individuals, namely deprived one, and by internally developing a strong commitment and team working among all its collaborators. AidLearn main intervention areas are related with organisational development, personal development, concepting, delivering and evaluating learning tools, courses and projects and research studies in the scope of the following fields: training of trainers and teachers; informational technologies; entrepreneurship sciences, including human resources consultancy; health and safety; social services; environment and active citizenship. AidLearn intends to work preferentially with deprived target groups as immigrants, unqualified women, unemployed persons, individuals in risk of social exclusion, namely youngsters and seniors as well as SME's workers.

Graça Gonçalves

Rua André de Gouveia Lote C, Loja A
1750-027 Lisboa

Tel. 00351 21 7591217
Fax 00351 21 7591217

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