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Learning Through the Arts
By Dee Dickinson
This report presents a synthesis of the research on the contribution of arts education to learning. It presents information on Seattle schools and others that have incorporated the arts successfully. The report discusses the relationship between the arts and cognition and the ways each art form promotes unique ways of knowing.

The Necessary Role of the Arts in Education and Society: Finding the Creative Power Within Us to Control Our Lives and Shape Our Destinies
By Eric Oddleifson
How the arts can transform society as we know it.

Art Therapy: A Proposal for Inclusion in School Settings
By Eve C. Jarboe
Ms. Jarboe explains the basics of art therapy and makes a case for its addition to school counseling programs.

Music Activities as a Cognitive Tool for the Enhancement of Analytical Perception, Comparison, and Synthesis for the Blind Learner
By Adena Portowitz
Music can be used to train the mind in abstract thought.

Creative Dramatics in the Classroom
By Dee Dickinson
All teachers can use these strategies for bringing any subject to life through dramatic improvisation.

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