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Federation Progresista de Asociaciones de Mujeres y Consumidores de Guadalajara is a non profit organisation that includes seven association of women of the province of Guadalajara. It is member since 1995 of the wider regional organisation FEPAMUC-CLM present in the region of Castilla La Mancha, which is included in the national network of Progresist Women Associations placed in Madrid. It offers non-formal lifelong learning to women in difficult situations, in order to prepare them to go back to work or to start working for the first time. It is focussed on motivation and encouragement of women to women, as we feel the example is a good way of strengthening the confidence of persons at risk. The organization deals with women from other countries whom belong to the board of director of one of the association members "Asociacion International MUJERES" placed in the capital of the province, Guadalajara, 50 kliometres from Madrid. The province though is a rural area with a large demographic problem as most of the population is placed in the area near Madrid. Fepamuc-Gu works with ICT as a mean of communication within such a big province, as well with integrating the increasing numbers of people from other countries that are coming to take the jobs that the Spanish population has left available in their search for more comfortable cities to live in.

Ernestina Coello

Av. Hermanos Fernandez Galliano nš11 C, Local
19004 Guadalajara

Tel. 0034 949 226312
Fax 0034 949 226312

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