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Guadalajara Mar. 2011


The fifth meeting has been held in Guadalajara (Spain) from 23 to 27 of March 2011.

The event has been organised by Fepamuc-Gua.


  • FEPAMUC (coordinator of the meeting) - Ernestina Coello
  • Tecnopras s.a.s. (coordinator of the project) - Stefano Bertoldi, Sabrina Lilli
  • Aidlearn Lda. - Graça Gonçalves, Tiago Gonçalves
  • Ekpaideftiria Kaloskami S.A. - Nikolaos Kaloskamis, Evangelia Avraam
  • Siauliai University - Liuda Radzeviciene, Lina Miliuniene, Ingrida Baranauskiene
  • Sisli Technical and Vocational High School - Turan Tolga Vuranok, Mustafa Özcan, Muzaffer Alkan

The work tasks have been delivered in two days of discussions and cooperative work, opened by the welcome of the Vice-President of Province Government and closed by a press conference in the Press Centre of Guadalajara.

Download the meeting agenda

Download the meeting minutes

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