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Lisbon Feb. 2010


The second meeting has been held in Lisbon (Portugal) from 10 to 14 of February 2010.

The event has been organised by Aidlearn Consultoria em Recursos Humanos Lda.


  • Aidlearn Lda. (coordinator of the meeting) - Graça Gonçalves, Marco Paiva
  • Tecnopras s.a.s. (coordinator of the project) - Cristina Miliacca
  • Ekpaideftiria Kaloskami S.A. - Nikos Kaloskamis
  • FEPAMUC - Ernestina Coello, Ernestina Ordoñez Méric
  • Siauliai University - Egidijus Elijosius, Liuda Radzeviciene, Lina Miliuniene, Andrius Kazlauskas
  • Sisli Technical and Vocational High School - Mustafa Özcan, Turan Tolga Vuranok

The work activities have been complemented by enriching social moments, including interesting cultural visits to the castle and the historical center, Belem Tower and to a typical fado night.

Download the meeting agenda

Download the meeting minutes

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