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The movie support is mainly addressed for the training regarding skills such as communication, interpersonal relation, leadership, management of colleagues and/or employees, motivation, self-esteem, goal orientation, creativity, etc., that is all the skills related to personality and inter-personality. In general, the factors that make the differences in the applications can be identified in the following ones: context of application/training (company from employee's viewpoint, company from boss' viewpoint, unemployment, private life, including development of motivation and self-confidence, psychotherapy, etc.), aim (personal, professional), depth allowed for the analysis (superficial, introspective), learners' background (high education, low education) A basic distinction can be made between the use of the movie in training aimed to professional and private development from the viewpoint of socio-personal competences and the use of the movie for psychological growth of the person, up to psychotherapeutic analysis.

A key aspect should be focused as vehicle of meanings: the use of the movie as metaphor of reality. Whether it is used for introspection, or for building the "ideal model" in relation to a behaviour/skill, or for improving learners' abilities to analyse and interpret reality, a movie is a metaphoric story, that allows significant comparisons and identifications with real life, therefore fostering in the learner a new analysis in her/his way of facing the situations, of interpreting them, of reacting to them; of using her/his cognitive, emotional and spiritual resources; of overcoming one's personal barriers; of finding new and creative solutions. To be effective, the analysis activated by means of the movie should lately be transformed into concrete operations, i.e. the reflection should be transformed, in the second step, into concrete decision of thinking and behaving in a different way.

As to the application of the method, the teacher/trainer can decide on everything: at which step of the training process using the movie, when showing the movie during the single training session, how showing the movie (entire or single parts), how building the interaction between movie and learners, what analysing and discussing with the support of the movie, which interpretation code using for the mediation of meanings.

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