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Siauliai University


Siauliai University is Lithuania's youngest university, evolved from two well-established institutions. It was founded in 1997 by merging Siauliai Pedagogical Institute and Siauliai Polytechnical Faculty of Kaunas University of Technology.
These organisations have their own predecessors and profile. In 1948, a two-year Teacher Training Institute was established. In 1954 it was reorganised into Siauliai Pedagogical Institute. During its 50 years of activity, the Pedagogical Institute trained over 30.000 teachers. The Siauliai affiliate of Kaunas University of Technology was established in 1959. Originally a Siauliai-based, part-time department, became the Siauliai Polytechnical Faculty of Kaunas University of Technology in 1990. During its 40 years of existence, the faculty trained almost 2.500 qualified specialists in mechanics, construction, energy and electronic engineering. Today Siauliai University is the center of science and culture in Northern Lithuania. As such, it not only pursues the best education practices for our student base, but also serves as the regional link to international innovations and ideas. Fulfilling this role it has embraced international cooperation activities and enthusiastically welcome visitors from abroad. This exposes its students and professors to diverse ideas and provides it with the opportunity to share its knowledge and culture with the international community.

Liuda Radzeviciene

P. Visinskio st. Nr.25
76285 Siauliai

Tel. 00370 41 595735
Fax 00370 41 595775

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